Free Therapy? Unbelievable!

"Free" and "Healthcare" are not usually two words that you hear together.  But employees of several Bay Area companies may be entitled to free and confidential therapy with your Lyra Health benefit. Unlike traditional employee assistance programs, Lyra covers several months to up to a year (depending on the company) of weekly therapy sessions, meaning that you have the time to make meaningful progress towards your goals.  

Companies currently offering Lyra Health benefits to their employees (and their dependents) include Facebook, Uber,  Tesla, eBay, SpaceX, and more*

As a contracted provider for Lyra Health, I offer in-person sessions in downtown Menlo Park and/or online and phone sessions through a teletherapy platform.

*This is a partial list of companies currently offering Lyra benefits is offered for your information and convenience only, and is not a guarantee of coverage. Please contact or visit Lyra online if you have questions about your benefits and eligibility for services.