benefits to online therapy:

  • Accessibility – Finding a therapist who specializes in sexual addiction treatment is essential for effective treatment, yet not all areas in California have access to this kind of help. When services are online, anyone in the state can access them.

  • Privacy – Your choice to pursue therapy will remain private. You won’t even need to leave your house and walk into an office. Also, all technology utilized  in the Life After Lust online program is HIPAA compliant and safe for transmitting and storing confidential information.

  • Confidentiality –  Confidentiality is a requirement of all Life After Lust online groups. 

  • Convenience – You can access the group from anywhere in the state, from the comfort of your own home. When traveling in California, you can access groups when you’re out of town, improving consistency of care and connection.

  • Cost – With online therapy, there is a reduction of lost work time and travel costs. Also, group therapy is significantly less expensive than individual therapy (a savings of over 50%).

  • Effectiveness – Online therapy can work just as well as in person therapy if you have a skilled and experienced therapist who knows how to use the technology in an ethical and legal way (click herehere, and here for additional information).