Is Sex Addiction a Thing?

Sex Addiction Treatment/ Kelifern pomernz, Psy.D.

Is sex addiction a thing?  Nope, not according to the DSM-5, the Journal of Positive Psychology, or AASECT.  Here is a great article that explains in an easily digestible way why an individual cannot be addicted to sex.  And here is another article by one of Silicon Valley's sex therapist, Marty Klein, titled "Harvey Weinstein Proves Sex Addiction Doesn't Exist."

Many believe that calling sex an addiction is overly pathologizing.  In my own practice I prefer to utilize the terminology "out of control sexual behavior" as a way to describe an individual's consensual sexual thoughts, urges, and behaviors that feel out of control to them.  Some may argue that this is all just semantics but language is powerful, particularly when it comes to framing psychological difficulties and for the purposes of recovery.

If a client absolutely insists that they are a sex addict, I will honor the language that they find most useful in describing their struggle.  But I have found that with time spent in therapy there is a tendency to drop this label in favor of terms that feel more empowering.

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